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***We are looking for a packaging design project. Could that be you?

In the meantime, scroll down to see some logos we've created. We'll get this site up and running soon... We're also working on redefining the word 'soon'.

Smart design

We think about the design. We think about the uses. We think about the company it's representing... A lot.

In our case, we thought about how we wanted the logo presented. As much as the world has moved towards digital, we still love the world of print.... If you have met us, you know that we both have the same initials. So our logo needed to work double duty.

When you see our logo mark, it's a TC. But we made it flippable... to be a DT. With many elements that we use in our branding, you'll see where this makes our logo more than what it seems.

It's what you don't see

We want to have an extra surprise in your logo whenever possible. It can be an element that makes it extra special and customized. Can you see the hidden element?

We also like to go the extra mile or two, to make the logos appealing in different platforms. Logos need to be flexible enough to look fabulous in print and digital.

We like to have you ready and avoid having to pay someone later to alter the logo for their use. That's a surprise we don't want you to have.

Seriously original

There are millions of logos. The chances that there's something similar is high. That's when a hand drawn logo comes in handy for those looking for something uniquely theirs.

It's almost like your very own signature. The artsy choice of a logo can be useful for your business. And by this, we mean that the perfect imperfections of lines that aren't exactly straight and computer generated, becomes like your business' own signature.

And then - we make sure everything is digitally generated and compatible to be used everywhere. Because of course, that's what you'll want to do - put your logo everywhere!

A few more examples