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The the beacon of your business. The first thing that is seen by everyone and it sets the tone for what is to come. A first impression happens only once.

Then once you've made the connection, you take your clients and customers on a journey through your branding. Make it a journey worth going on.


“...The care that Topping Consulting takes to understand your business, how you want to portray yourself, and the meaning you want behind your logo is so special. They use the best tools in the industry for graphic design and Deanne also does hand drawn elements too. SO cool.”

K. Meador

Gradient Accounting

“Exceptional work but just as importantly easy to work with, collaborated well, hit deadlines, and guided me through the process. She made it easy as well as delivering great work.”

C. McLemore

Colby Photos and Videos

“I've had the pleasure of working with Deanne on several projects. She not only has an eye for quality design and branding, but she is also a talented project manager. The projects we have worked on together have always been well-planned and well-executed. Add to that her fun and engaging personality, which always makes a work relationship more fun.”

L. Ebert

CPA Digital Pro


Menu sets
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Design is a multi surfaced, multi strategy item. It may generally be on a flat surface, but it's not flat... because it needs to be consistent and easily recognizable based on the brand. Even a rack card needs to speak to the viewers and solve their problems before they even knew they had one!
We commit to understanding your business and your customers' needs, then throw it down awesome design, print, and digital elements to grow your business, one design strategy at a time.

Marketing materials designed in Sevierville
Marketing materials designed in Sevierville
Marketing materials designed in Sevierville
Ambience photography for starter websites
We design and create annual planners and catalogs
We design business cards
We design and implement starter websites
We design marketing materials that getnotices
Passion, creativity, and resilience are the most crucial skills in business. If you've got those, you're ready to embark on the journey."
- Jo malone


FOOD Styling
Ad Content
Web Content
Creative Direction

Let's get technical. Photography plays an integral part in the feel and look of the brand. It needs to be implemented in just the right way to make way for ad copy, websites, print pieces, product feature/styled images. and ad strategy. There's always stock photography, but when looking to create your individual look, you need custom.

Our skills are great - but we also know when we need to pull from some of the awesome talent pool that's out there. We do creative direction for food and product for professional photographers and will bring them in on a project when we know it's best for you.
We've done the photography for most of the items on this site.

Creative direction for food photography and badass lettering skills
Creative Direction for Product Photography
ABOVE: Photo by Kara Hudgens Photography. Concept by Topping Consulting
Creative direction for advertising layouts
Ice Cream sandwich for Corky's in Pigeon Forge

Name change or new ownership?

This is the perfect time to review the goals and direction of the company for a rebrand. A refresh renews the motivation internally and creates comfort and consistency to your customers.

Still a bit uneasy in this daunting task?

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It's very possible that we have a sample of something more specific to you and your company's needs. Our experiences have taken us near and far, small to huge and back again, complex to simple... You get the idea.

Please contact us about your specific request.
1) We may have the perfect example.
2) We're about helping people. If we can't help you, we'll do our best to lead you in the right direction so the call will be worth your time.